Keeping your vehicle maintained is less costly than a major repair.

Check your oil, water, wiper fluid, engine coolant/antifreeze level and tire condition and pressure.

Monthly check


Inspect transmission fluid and brake fluid, windshield wiper blades and power steering fluid. Review condition of belts, hoses and battery cables.

Every six months or 6,000 miles


Check the brake system and inspect and/or rotate tires. Review condition of clutch system (manual transmissions) and chassis lubrication.

Once a year

Inspect automatic transmission. Change auto transmission fluid and filter.

30,000 miles

Change spark plugs and fuel filter, inspect spark plug wire, check engine timing.

This schedule is a sample of the maintenance inspections and services required for many cars and trucks. It is not meant to replace the schedule provided in your owner's manual.


Always refer to your owner's manual to achieve the best performance from your vehicle.