State of the Art Diagnostics with Lakeside Service 

Regular check-engine light diagnostics help ensure that your vehicle is in safe working condition...


When ASE Certified technicians at Lakeside Service performs engine diagnostics checks, they start by transmitting information from your vehicle's computer into a diagnostic tool. From here, the engine diagnostics service continues with the technician expertly combining the performance data with his/her experience to:


  • Properly diagnose why your vehicle’s check-engine light is on

  • Develop a recommendation to repair you vehicle

  • Show you related symptoms, possible causes, and indicate the degree of urgency with which you need to get your vehicle serviced

  • Reset the check-engine light



Why is regular engine maintenance important for my vehicle? 


Many critical problems can go unnoticed, and are almost impossible for even a certified technician to pinpoint without a professional diagnostic tool. And if your check-engine light is on, engine diagnostic services are the best way to determine exactly why.


There are a number of possible reasons for an illuminated and/or flashing check-engine light:


  • Regularly scheduled engine maintenance (such as an oil change) may be due

  • Sensors or brake system may require reset or adjustment

  • Engine, electrical, or vehicle computer performance issues



How often should I have my engine serviced?


Your vehicle provides key information in dashboard lights. If the check-engine light is illuminated, you should take your vehicle into service as soon as possible.


However, for optimal vehicle safety and reliability, engine checks should be a part of your annual vehicle maintenance, even if no check-engine light is on or flashing.